YOU are the foundation of everything you have and are. How you see yourself. How you feel about who you are on the inside and the outside. It all plays into the things you buy for yourself, the things you allow for yourself, and the things you WANT for yourself.  

If you want to:  

*Run a business that brings you the money you really feel you could make deep down inside, but just don’t see how  

*Understand just how powerful YOU are so you can create the life and the business that supports your dreams  

*Shift away from thoughts that haunt you by making you feel like you’re not good enough  

*Develop thinking patterns that create the life you want  

*Creat a mind that isn’t prone to falsehoods and weakness so you can finally prosper

Then you want in on the Personal Breakthrough program.

Let’s break on through!  

Because when you work with me you and train your mind through my NLP methods and strategy, your entire world changes for the best. There’s no one that can take you down  

from your throne, no one who can belittle your mind or your soul, nothing that can stop you.  


When you work with me on the Personal Breakthrough system to train your mind, you are doing more than just uttering hope. You are developing the thinking that eradicates excuses and shatters limits because you are programming your subconscious mind...the part of your mind that controls the large majority of your action. 

When you master your mind through this program, you:  

*Finally DO what you want to do because you no longer think you can’t  

*Catch thought and action patterns that stump your growth and success so you can shift and change them quickly  

*Create the life and the business you want because you no longer understand the word “can’t”  

*Create the habits that make success a normal part of everyday life  

*Understand your own true power and release doubts of your own greatness  

*Allow yourself to have every single thing you want  

*Become unstoppable  

You’ve spent so much time thinking about whether or not you “deserve” the life you have or wondering if it will ever change. The fact is? It won’t change. YOU have to change it.  

The Personal Breakthrough program is not for everyone. It’s only for those who are ready to OWN what is rightfully theirs.  

Say good-bye to:  

*Not feeling good enough  

*Not feeling like you deserve the life you want  

*Thinking you’ll never have what you want  

*Being unhappy when you know you should be happy  

*Jealousy over the lives other people seem to have  

*Pain of heartache and heartbreak  

“Rita helped me by using NLP neuro linguistic Programming. This was through something called time line therapy. It was amazing. Now I'm moving up the marketing plan with confidence. It's amazing what we keep inside, what invisible barriers we create. Thank you Rita for your brilliant support. See you at the top” ~Amina

Investment £997 Also available in monthly payments

How the Personal Breakthrough Coaching Program works:

Discovery Session to determine your  

*Goals and Vision so we can understand where you want to go *The 3 Stage Plan to give you the tools to get there *Uncovering challenges and blind spots so you can breakthrough them *Re-energizing and motivating so that you maintain that fire to build your new life each day  

We change your past by  

*Releasing of negative emotions that continue to hold you in the place you’re in *Overcoming limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, allowing you a limitless future *Getting rid of negative habits or behaviours so that you make successful decisions, easily Defeating all internal conflicts that introduce doubt into your abilities  


We also create the future through  

*Goal-Setting because...goals - you can’t succeed without them *Goal-Writing to push your decisions each day toward the direction of your goals *Goal-Getting because - this is where the magic is!  

After the program you will have 2 more FREE consultations PLUS a gift! I will send you my book "Empowering Questions" to really put you on track to success.  

The Personal Breakthrough program is designed to pull your best self and your biggest dreams out of you so you can achieve it all with ease and grace. The clients I work with come to me wishing and longing for the dreams in their hearts.  

And they complete the program with the power to accomplish them through the system I designed to train their subconscious minds and own the strategies they need to win.  


"Wow, the session with Rita was deep and intense.

I had never experienced time line therapy before and didn't really know what to expect. Rita was patient, explained everything and it was amazing to feel the negative emotions dissolve away.  

I can totally recommend Rita and timeline therapy." - Lucy Tobias

But WHY did I do that? Because I have been where they are. Where you are. I have been in those deep, dark spots that said I wasn’t good enough, that told me I didn’t deserve to be happy or to have success. I have been on the ledge. Literally. My mind literally took me to the ledge, deciding whether I should jump or not was one of the scariest, darkest days of my life. Since coming down that day, I knew I had to make a change. A change in me. In the way I think about myself. In the way that I see my life. And the world around me.  

And I have.  

Through NLP and a magnificent coach, I learned what the value of my life really is. And now I have a supportive husband, lovely two daughters and two wonderful careers because of them.  

I currently help the clients from all walks of life to make the decision I made: To choose THEMSELVES over the negative and hurtful feelings they harbor. And when they do, their entire worlds change from better jobs, to better partners, to better bodies...and more.

 Investment £997 Also available in monthly payments

"You know you deserve what you want and

Everything you want is YOURS